My husband and I are moving all the way from Arizona to Georgia! We got all of our belongings packed in the car and ready to make the drive! But of course we didn’t want to just drive from point A to point B, so we decided to make a huge cross country road trip out of it! Here is the picture of all the stops we made.


Throughout the trip, we had some amazing adventures along the way with family, old friends, and new friends! On this trip we attended a wedding, went on a double date, attended a New Year’s Eve party, went on a mini Roadtrip within our road trip, got stuck in the snow, snowmobiled at Yellowstone National Park, waited out a snowstorm, made a surprise appearance, got a flat tire, ate some gumbo in New Orleans, took a photo shoot for a singer in Nashville, and eventually made it all the way to our new home in Georgia 🙂

As you can see, we now have some serious experience under our belt in the road tripping department! Now I have some big ol’ tips for saving you some time and money while on your road trip!

Road Trip Tips

#1 Gas Buddy. An App/website. This is a community that reports gas prices. With Everyone continually updating the gas prices around you, it makes it simple to know which gas station to go to. Not only is it good for your hometown, but I use it for road trips to find out which ones are cheapest to fill up at along the way. In average, I save anywhere from $40-$60 on road trip gas money now because of Gas Buddy. A perk of looking this up on their actual website (as opposed to the app) is their “Trip cost calculator.” That option isn’t currently available on their app yet, but it is worth going to their website to use. That is what helps me while planning my budget for the whole road trip.

#2 Waze. An app with a community that updates each other on the fastest routes, cops, speed traps, objects in the road, etc. and it has a “real time” fastest route checker. In most places where there are a lot of people using it and putting in updates, it can even be more updated than google maps! This is particularly useful when avoiding traffic, accidents and construction work.  Recently they added a gas price feature, so we will see if it replaces gas buddy in the near future!

#3 Couch Surfing. A community of travelers which help each other to experience the world by opening their homes to each other. Whether it’s a private room or a couch, it is offered for free! But, it is important to build up your reputation for being a good host/guest so that others will be more willing to open up their home to you too. All of the reviews are recorded on the app/website so the community knows. It’s a way for travelers to give back to the traveling community. It’s not a place for freeloaders, it’s crucial to really play a role in the community. They also have “Couch surfing events” in many cities throughout the world. Seeking out and attending these events will help you make new friends and build up a good reputation as part of the community.

Bonus Tip

Because I love ya’ll, I will share one more small tip! It’s pretty simple, but most people don’t think to do it. Pre-pack meals for the road!!! Half of the road trip expense is from buying fast food all along the way! If you have room, bring a cooler and stuff it full of meals made from home! You might as well bring it all because by the time you get home, all the food in your fridge would have gone bad anyway! Take the time and pack it all up. If you are anything like me, I enjoy eating out while on the road, but I quickly get tired of fast food! It is nice to be able to reach in the back and grab out your next meal! Saves time too, since you aren’t stopping as frequently!

Ya know what else? Recently we have been getting asked, “What the heck we do for a living to be able to afford frequent traveling?” And to that I say, there is an efficient and inexpensive way to do almost anything, but you do have to prioritize, of course! I know you too can make road trips cheap, easy, and enjoyable if you follow these tips that I provided! I will continue to give more tips on easy and cheap travels in the future!

Have fun road trippers!

Here is a small example of my prepacked food to save money.


Here are some pictures from all along the way of our grand road trip 🙂

Stay Wild, Moon Child