3 tips for finding the perfect souvenir!

  1. Choose an item you can use/love forever. 
  2. Check ALL the shops in the area first to compare prices on the same item. 
  3. Haggle down the price until you are satisfied.

What Makes a Perfect Souvenir?

Today is the day for finding the perfect souvenir! My husband and I collect a rad souvenir from every country that we go to! In my opinion, there is a certain art to picking out a great one. Personally, we like to buy something that we can USE in our home. We kind of abide by that “rule” when we are picking out our souvenirs.  It could be used as a decoration, or maybe a household item. But, whatever we choose will be something we use or enjoy everyday, knowing that we got it in India! (Or wherever we are buying our souvenir from at the time) 
I think that a lot of people just go and spend money on a bunch of different things when they travel. Potentially looking back like “Why did I even buy this stuff?”… So it’s important to pick out one or two things that you absolutely love! Kent and I have been looking around to see what catches our eye.
Now, not to get confused with REGULAR shopping. Clothes, accessories, etc. I’m not referring to that kind of shopping, I’m only talking about life long souvenirs here. However, some of these same tips may still apply.  

Where do I look?

Never buy an item at the first shop you stop to look at! All the shops in the area are usually selling similar/the same things, so you should try ALL of the shops first to compare prices.  In one of the other stores, you will likely find the same item, but for a cheaper price. If you buy it the first place you see…you are probably getting ripped off. For example, Mexico!! You see several shops along the street, almost all of them have the same items inside! Including a few varieties here and there. See who is selling your favorite souvenir for the cheapest! You could potentially get the price very low because of the competition from the other stores! 
It is definitely tempting to buy something right away in the first store because you are excited about it, you like what you see, the people are nice, or maybe you just feel obligated!! But this is important! Check all the different stores first, and then you will get the best possible price! $$$

How Do I Get More Bang for my Buck?

It’s very necessary that you haggle down the cost of your souvenir. No one likes spending more money than they have to! Choose an amount you are willing to spend on your item (lower than THEIR cost of course) and be firm with your set price! Work with them on getting their price down. Tell them your budget and hold your ground! After a while of trying to lower the price, don’t be afraid to walk away if they don’t comply. Often times while you are walking away, they will change their mind and allow you to buy it for that price! Heeyyyyyyy. I think in most places they would rather make the sale than let you walk out the door empty handed (making them zero moneys). This haggling technique takes a little practice. It is different in every country, but throw in a little confidence and they’ll never know if you are inexperienced or not!  
*Now that being said, I will admit that when I am shopping somewhere that is particularly poor and run down in other countries, I use my best judgement for haggling. Honestly, sometimes I would rather pay more just because I know they need the money in certain areas really badly. So I encourage you to use your best judgement too! They obviously need to make SOME kind of profit from the sale. It’s considerate to figure out what’s best for you and for them.
Hopefully this helps you out the next time you need to pick out the perfect souvenir! If you have any other tips/advice from your personal experiences, please share on the community page! I would love to hear!
Enjoy your shopping!!!

*update on the perfect souvenir we chose in india!
Elephant wall decor. Going up in family room!

Pictures coming soon!


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