How I Met My Best friend

Growing up and maintaining friendships is HARD! If you’re anything like me, once I put years into a friendship, I do not like to simply say goodbye when one of us moves away. So why does it have to be so gosh dang hard to keep in touch?! Schedules never seem to line up and before you know it, 5 years have past.

Let me back up a little, well a lot. All the way back to age 8 when I first met by BFF, Deej! It all started at my cousins 7th birthday party. It was a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed party, naturally since my cousins name is Tiffany. There were (what seemed like at the time) a million girls there! This was kind of unusual for me because I didn’t really have any true girl friends at the time, especially not a whole house full! While we were all eating breakfast together, this spunky girl sat across the table from me. She was one of those- befriends everyone and immediately makes you feel loved and comfortable in your own skin- kind of people. Her name was Danae Rose, but is now known to me as Deej. I remember us hanging out at the birthday party and no one else even being around. We were just off doing our own thing! HA! (Oops). Soon the party was over and we said goodbye. I’m not sure why, but instead of having our parents talk and discuss a way for us to keep in contact, we both just kind of accepted that we lived too far away to hang out, I think.

Fast forward 4 years, I was sitting in class at church with the other girls my age (12 yrs old) and you will not believe who walked in the door…. You guessed it!! None other than miss Danae Rose!! From the second she walked in the door, I knew exactly who she was. She sat down next to me and I immediately said to her.. “Is your name Danae?” She said “yes!” And then in unison we both said, “From Tiffany’s Birthday party!!” I remember feeling a sense of appreciation that this friendship was truly destined.

It later became know that Deej had newly moved into my neighborhood and from that moment on, we were inseparable. We did everything together. I mean everything. Luckily, we even lived within walking distance from each other! We went through it all: boys, dances, fights, summers, sleepovers, getting grounded, etc, all the way up to moving out together! We used to have slumber parties every single night in the summer when we were teenagers, even when she was grounded for being a “trouble maker.” Her mom used to allow me to come over even when she was grounded because I was “a good influence on her” Haha! Every best friend’s dream come true! That is when we developed the nicknames for each other- Monster & Munchkin (inspired from the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie called Billboard Dad).

Since then, we have each gotten married and both moved away to different states. There have been times where we don’t get to catch up for a while, but we have always had one of those “pick up where you left off” type of friendships. Two beautiful babies later (her, not me), we both felt this shift in our lives where we realized we truly have a one of a kind friendship that needs to be preserved! We realized we wanted to be present in each others lives more than just once a year to call on a birthday, etc.

So these, ladies and gents, are our own personal tips for keeping up with your long-distance BFF!

5 Tips For Keeping Up With Your Long-Distance BFF

1.) The Marco Polo App!

I’d like to think that pretty much everyone has heard of this app by now, but I’m always telling people about it and finding that some still have no clue what it is. So listen up! Marco Polo is a video chatting app. “Don’t those already exist??” You may be thinking. But this is different in all the right ways. Our schedules NEVER line up. Between the three hour time difference and her being a busy mother, how are we supposed to just drop it all and talk on the phone for hours like we used to? In other words, this app allows you to be in a video sending conversation that gives you a way to listen and respond at your convenience. Sometimes we will send an hour long video just catching up and multi-masking, doing our everyday life stuff. It makes us feel like we are right there with each other! And then add the perk of getting to watch it, pause it and respond to it whenever you are available! Two minutes later, or ten days later! It has completely changed the way we keep in touch and improved it 10x.

2.) Scheduled show watching!

Can you guess what this means? What I’m saying is you pick a show or movie that you are both equally interested in and turn it on at the same time to watch “together.” We are totally crazy in our efforts of turning it on at the EXACT second as each other! Ha! And then we text our commentary about it!!! It is actually the best thing ever! It’s almost like watching it together. Definitely a fun way to “hang out.”

3.) Share a Pinterest Board!

Are you one of those people that is constantly tagging your BFF in posts/memes on Facebook that remind you of each other? This is perfect for you! Sharing a pinterest board together allows you to keep connected through pictures and ideas that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to talk about. Some of our Pinterest boards include: BFF tattoo ideas, girly outfit inspo, BFF picture ideas, quotes, etc. It’s such a fun way to share ideas with each other!

4.) Fit Bit/Apple Watch workout competitions!

There are several ways you can go about doing this. Whether through your device or through an app, this is a fun way to stay connected and healthy at the same time! And who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?! So get to it!

5.) BFF Book Club, party of 2!

Choose your book together that you both equally want to read. Then, have a chapter rehash discussion! This concept can be tweaked according to what you and your BFF need. For example, you might not always be able to read the chapter and finish it in the same day as them, that’s ok! Make it work in the way you need to! The fun part is having someone to share your thoughts with that is reading the exact same thing as you! Hearing someone else’s perspective is always enlightening as well. A great way to bond!

A Trip Out to California!

Recently, I flew out to California to see Deej IRL! I got to surprise her with our new custom made BFF necklaces, sent to us by the amazing shop called Soufeel Jewelry!

These particular necklaces are Rose-gold (our fav) and have our childhood nicknames on them!! Of course, inspired by the movie Billboard Dad, as I mentioned before. Hers says “Monster”, mine says “Munchkin.”

To purchase your own custom made jewelry, visit Soufeel and be sure to use code SJrpy15 to receive 15% off your order!

Meeting up and getting these necklaces definitely called for a fun photo shoot together in our natural element, which usually entails hanging out on the back balcony or porch and talking about life till 5am. Sometimes dressed as spice girls perhaps, or sometimes in our jammies, but always on the back porch. 🙂

We want to hear from you!

Maintaining friendships is hard, but using these 5 tips can make it feel effortless! A BFF gained is a BFF worth keeping, so don’t let them slip through your fingers! <3

We’d love to hear your experiences using these tips with your bestie. OR, if you have any further ideas that you use to keep in touch with your BFF, send me an email- I’d love to hear your ideas!

Stay strong besties!



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