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Showing support to small businesses is a favorite thing of mine! This will be the first of many that I will share with you 🙂 I first came across Aura Stone Designs on Instagram. This is a bracelet business that just seemed to speak my language! I’m telling you, these bracelets are adorable and they definitely call to my bohemian soul! Right off the bat, I knew there was way more to Aura Stone Designs than meets the eye. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to ask about her jewelry-making business. You could say it is very intriguing to me when a small business has a wonderful purpose, motive, and background behind the product they are selling. So obviously, I had so many questions for her!

I recently received my Aura Stone bracelets in the mail and I am absolutely loving them! Reading up on this business left me feeling very positive and uplifted, so I wanted to share it with others, of course!

About the Products

There were nicely typed up brochures sent to me with the jewelry. The purpose of the brochure is to inform you on your purchase, what kind of stone it is, its healing qualities and spiritual meaning! Too cool! Not to mention, the packaging in general, was cute as can be!

My most favorite bracelet from her is made with Sodalite and Quartz stone. The purpose of this stone is to provide inner peace, positive vibes, and clear, logical thinking. Accompanying the stones, there is an adorable feather AND quarts charm hanging from the bracelet! Quartz is known to have a strong resonance, which is why it is often used as part of crystal healing.

In this brochure full of amazing knowledge and upliftment that was provided, I am reminded to put on my bracelet and say a positive affirmation with it. Some of these include:

  • I live in the present and am confident of the future
  • I attract positive energy only
  • I breathe in relaxation. I breathe out stress
  • I am calm and centered
  • Positive opportunities are presenting themselves
  • My confidence and inner wisdom are increasing

The other bracelet I received is wonderful as well! It has what is known as a “laughing Buddha” charm on it. This charm is a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

Also included with this description, it’s mentioned that black is a very grounding color that deepens our connection to physical things! Wearing a black bracelet is said to aid you to own and accept your appearance and place here on Earth. Black can also act as a shield, protecting and deflecting negative energy.

With this particular bracelet, I am reminded in the brochure to put it on and say one of these positive affirmations with it.

  • I have a positive attitude and attract positive results.
  • I accept myself with love and kindness.
  • Positive opportunities are presenting themselves.
  • My confidence and inner wisdom are increasing.

I mean, can you see why I love this shop yet?!

Interviewing Aura Stone Designs

Luckily, Aura Stone allowed me to dig a little deeper, and she even answered a few questions about her business for me! Hope you enjoy. <3

Me: Could you tell me a bit about the background of this business you started and what inspired you to create it?

Aura Stone: I have a Masters degree in Sociology, with a background in healthcare and research methods. I have great respect for and am a big advocate of evidence-based medicine. Basically, I believe that healthcare decisions should be based on evidence from well designed and constructed peer-reviewed research. In my personal life, I balance this by exploring areas that don’t neatly fit into randomized control trials. Some of these include Reiki, yoga, meditation, essential oils, and crystals. I don’t find these two sides at odds with each other, but rather they complement each other and provide me with a sense of balance. Given my research background, I love diving in and learning all about these subjects. Essential Oil session? I’m in! Reiki certification? Yes, please! Gem and Mineral club? Sign me up! My interests have led to quite a varied and interesting skill set. Creating jewelry has combined these nicely and is a great creative outlet.

Me: Please tell me all that there is to know about the products you use!

Aura Stone: I am very lucky to have a bead wholesaler very close by and can pick all my stones in person. Walking into the space, the energy is amazing! I get to touch and really feel the different vibe that each one has. I create each bracelet with a specific intention, which is to infuse it with positive Reiki energy and share what I have researched about the stone in a write-up for each bracelet. This way, if someone compliments you on your bracelet, you’ll know that stone’s name and a few things about it to start a conversation. Understanding the meaning of the elements of your bracelet can also make it more meaningful to you.  It can be a reminder to you to live intentionally. Those trying to take it up a level can also try saying an affirmation included in the write-up when they put it on, increasing the intention of the bracelet.

Me: I keep hearing and reading about Reiki energy, what exactly is it?

Aura Stone: Reiki is a form of energy work, it isn’t tied to any religion or dogma. There is nothing you must believe in for you to use it or benefit from it. Also, you cannot be harmed by it either. The practitioner acts as a channel to allow Reiki energy (also known as Universal life energy) to flow and help remove energy blocks in our system that are caused by emotional or physical stress and pain. It is also used to flow and infuse objects. To be a practitioner of Reiki, you need to go through a process called an attunement. After going through the learning, a Reiki master adjusts your chakras, enabling them to become channels for the Universal Life Force Energy. I went through the classes and process pretty skeptical, but open to the experience. It was really interesting learning more about Chakras, as it was something that I had only vaguely been introduced to in yoga. During my final attunement by the Reiki master, I felt like the ocean at full moon. It was like a rolling sensation with waves of energy from my toes up to my head. It felt like a strong gravitational pull upward. Then quite suddenly, I felt a great sense of calm and peacefulness. Quite the physical and emotional experience! Reiki has been a great blessing and I am happy to be able to share it with others.

When Reiki energy is infused into crystals, it is said to magnify the metaphysical properties. It charges the object with positive energy and increases the effectiveness of a crystal’s natural vibration- which in turn react with your own body’s vibration. By wearing a Reiki infused Aura bracelet, you are intentionally surrounding yourself with good vibes only!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know about this business and the background, makes me love my Aura Stone bracelets even more!! If you are interested in Aura Stone jewelry or supporting small businesses, visit her Etsy page and Instagram to pick out your favorite bracelets!

Thank you again, Aura Stone Designs!

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