The Flight Attendant Wife Life

Flight Attendant Grad

He did it!! ….WE did it! Okay ok, I know he is the one who did all the work to become the Flight Attendant, but I feel like I get to say “we” because I had to go without my Kent being home for two whole months!! Luckily, his training was in Atlanta still, so if his class was ever let out early, Kent and I would be able to meet up occasionally! (Gotta love that forbidden romance. Lol jkjk) But still! He had to stay there in a dorm even though we live only 35 minutes away! I get it though, they want everybody to be able to remain as focused as possible. For a good reason too… their training was intense! Like holy cow!

The actual Flight Attendant Graduation was so lovely! Getting emotional wasn’t really something I anticipated on happening, but of course, I did! I freakin missed my husband like crazy, so some emotions were bound to break free! Not only that, but it was also a mixture of me being super proud of him! PLUS, they were showing all these sentimental Airline videos which reminded me of how Kent purposed to me ON an airplane in front of everybody! So obviously I caught a tear or two! After the videos, they had some lovely speakers, a graduation ceremony where each new flight attendant graduate walked the stage, the cutest brunch for everyone, oh! And my favorite part, I got to pin his wings on him! Such a cool feeling to get to do that!

The Flight Attendant Wife Life

I’ll be honest, I did pretty well with maintaining a positive attitude while he was gone. However, you could say I indulged a bit to keep myself happy and distracted there for a while. Hehe! A little ice cream eating and binge-watching goes a long way! So yes, I let my good routine and healthy eating slide for those two months, but it was worth it. I deserved it! Don’t ya think?!

Now that Kent is back home with me again, I have re-committed to my goals with myself and I am back at it! Zero regrets throughout it all, just some much needed TLC while he was gone! Or, you could refer to it as ICBW (ice cream & binge-watching). It definitely feels good to be getting back into my groove though!

I have a ton of learning to do as far as what this flight attendant wife life will be like, but compared to him being away for two months during training, this will feel like a piece of cake! Yes, he may be gone a night or two here and there which sucks, but do you know what that means?! It means I get him all to myself after that for a couple days straight!! THAT makes it all worth it to me in the end.

….Can you tell I have a super crush on him? <3

As most of you know, we took a celebratory trip to a beach in Florida after Kent graduated! It was much needed, to say the least!  We will have our Florida vlog up for ya’ll very soon!

Meanwhile, here are a couple pics from his graduation! (And I say “a couple” because apparently, something has happened to most of the pics from the event. It says they are damaged so they can’t be posted. Sad day. But at least a couple were saved!)

Ps. Thanks to everyone who has been asking about Kent’s training and rooting us on the entire time, it means a lot to us to have your support!

More updates coming soon <3

Love, Sj girl

The Flight Attendant Wife Life

Valentine’s Day 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day ya’ll!! I really enjoy holidays because it gives me an excuse to celebrate! Let’s just say every time there is a holiday, we usually end up celebrating all week long! Kent and I are considered untraditional (per usual) in the sense that we don’t get each other gifts on holidays! I’m not opposed to gift giving… and it’s not like we are Valentine’s Day haters! We just really enjoy getting each other gifts throughout the year instead! This way, by the time holidays roll around, we can just spend time together and go out to do something fun! I like it much better this way because there is no pressure or stress for finding “the perfect gift”. It allows us to just focus on each other!

This year for Valentine’s Day (week), we have a couple things in mind that we wanna do! But who knows what the actual day will bring! So far, we know for sure we are not celebrating V-Day on February 14th like everybody else! Kent and I are still long distance right now while he is away at flight attendant training! But obviously, we are not going to just let the big day come and go while we are apart, no! We will just move it to a different date!! Hello! So this year, Valentine’s Day will be on February 17th! (And like the whole entire week, of course)

On the big day, we are likely going to have a movie marathon of our favorite V-Day movies! …We are big movie people! Then, we will likely find somewhere special to eat for….breakfast, lunch and dinner. We like food, okay?

Later that day we are also planning on hiking Tallulah Gorge to see the waterfall! That’s what our plans are for now, but we always try and go with the flow and see where the day takes us!

I’ll be sure to post pics later for ya’ll from the hike/waterfall!


Meanwhile, here are our mushy gushy Valentine’s Day pics!

Enjoy the day of  lovin’!


xoxo, Sj


Kent & Sj V-day 2018

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Valentine’s Day 2018

Shop #sj2themoon- December Market Day

December Market Day

Crafting is a huge passion of mine that gets put on the back burner far too often, but not today folks!!! It’s goin’ down!

I had so much fun doing market day this month! My husband was able to come with me that morning to help me with the shop, and boy did I learn a TON from him! I knew he was a great salesman, but I had never truly seen him in action (because I don’t spy on him at work like a creeper, obvi). So wowza! He taught me so many things about sales and promoting myself, etc. Maybe I will make a future post about the sales tips he taught me! But anyway, I was really blessed and grateful to have him there with me!

Overall, starting a pop-up shop has been a great learning experience for me. The shop takes an army to set up and take down though!!! So needless to say, I am very grateful for my In-Laws for being there for me and helping make that happen! This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I feel lucky to be given a chance on it!

Seeing your own dreams come to fruition is the most empowering feeling, it’s something I want to continually experience throughout my life and I encourage you to do so as well! That is what #becomingbohemian is all about. So go follow your dreams, lovelies!

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Shop #sj2themoon- December Market Day

How To Style Your Macrame Jewelry- Lookbook

How To Style Your Macrame Jewelry- Lookbook


I went adventuring into Columbus Georgia recently and stumbled upon the most perfect river walk on the Chattahoochee river! (Still can’t get over how funny that name is to me!) It was the prettiest place to make a lookbook for my macrame jewelry and flowy boho dress! This river walk was so stinkin cool because it had what they call “The Island”, which is basically the cutest little area with trees and rocks that overlook the river! The island is technically connected, but from a certain angle appears to be disconnected because of how far out it goes into the river.

The weather was perfect and made for a great day of pictures! My photoshoot for that day was featuring my dress from Mindful Bohemian and my adorable Macrame Jewelry from macramental! (It can be worn as a necklace or headpiece!) This piece of jewelry is a one of a kind, custom made piece, so be sure to put in your request for a custom design to match your personal style! OR, browse her beautiful current collection of jewelry that is out!

Meet The Shop, macramental

Macramental is the cutest macrame jewelry shop ever! She is seriously so talented at making her macrame jewelry. Not only that, but I love what she stands for! Her motto is “Discover the beauty within you”, which to her, refers to “the importance of self-improvement, getting close to nature, and listening to your inner voice!”

In her own words, she says, “Each jewelry piece is made by the ancient technique of macrame. According to this, all of them are totally made by knots that come exclusively from hand.
Applying macrame is a kind of powerful contemplation that requires total concentration and demands you to be at the present time. This spiritual approach blesses every outcome creation with the same energy that dominated the whole procedure.
Using healing gemstones that are full of energy and enlightening aura, combined with a stylish macrame design, helps me to accomplish my goal of reminding us all the value of our being, the power of our mind, and the uniqueness of our spirit.
Living away from the big city now has provided me ways to keep myself concentrated.
Being close to nature makes my understandings more targeted and simple, which gives me the peace that is needed in order to create beautiful, balanced jewelry. I hope that as you wear your macramental jewelry, it will also urge YOU to ‘Discover The Beauty Within'”. 

I love the way she worded that! You can tell how much talent and passion she has for her business. Personally, when I wear her jewelry, I feel like I am able to express my true self, not to mention it makes me feel like a goddess.. and I am totally ok with that! <3 Follow her IG account and click here to visit her online shop!

Also, grab this flowy dress from Mindful Bohemian, use code “sjmoon” to receive free shipping!

Here is the rest of the photoshoot, enjoy!

*All pics taken by my husband, Kent. 

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How To Style Your Macrame Jewelry- Lookbook

How to Wear Metallic Freckles by Mr. Kate- “The New Makeup” Tutorial

How To Wear Metallic Freckles by Mr. Kate

Well, you already know how much I love metallic tattoos, so I was so excited to try out the temporary freckles as soon as I heard about them! I received three different colors/types and it is going to be SO much fun styling them! They are fantastic for special occasions, parties, festivals, or just everyday wear if you are into that sort of thing 🙂


Beauty Marks

First I will be using the rose gold freckles from the “Color Freckles” packet. These temporary metallic tattoos work the same way as other temp tattoos do. To begin, cut out the shape you want, peel off the plastic, place it face down on your skin (on the desired area), dab paper on your skin using a damp towel until saturated. Peel back the paper and voila! I will say though, it is important to pat down the metallic freckles on your skin afterward to fully seal them down. I chose to put this one across my nose!


Next, I am choosing to use the freckles from the “Confetti” packet. I am cutting out the triangle-like shape for both sides of my cheek bones! Follow all the same instructions as before and remember to pat them down after!


Last, I am using the tiny little heart shaped freckles from the packet called “Freckles”. In this packet, you have gold and silver options! Too cute! This time, I am putting some on both sides of my cheeks.

“The New Makeup”

Thanks Mr. Kate for the rad freckles! Can’t wait to try the daisies next!

You can purchase these beauty marks here!

Have fun with them and don’t forget to show me how you style your freckles!






How to Wear Metallic Freckles by Mr. Kate- “The New Makeup” Tutorial

How To Style A Mumu- Desert Dweller Lookbook 

How To Style A Mumu- Lookbook

I recently visited Arizona, as you may know! So naturally, I wanted to do a mumu desert dweller lookbook!

This photoshoot is featuring my mumu dress by Mindful Bohemian and beautiful pom earrings by Mad Maven.

All photos taken by Joseph Kent Craig. 

While searching for the photoshoot location, we stumbled upon this perfect spot right outside of the desert botanical garden in Mesa, Arizona. I didn’t realize how much I would miss the desert scene until I went back to visit! However, I would still choose my new home in the woods over the desert. But who knows, maybe I will become a winter visitor someday! …Or “snow bird” as we like to call them 😉 If not, I will at least include some cactus and succulents in my house to remind me of my original home!

So back to my mumu! I recently came across the store Mindful Bohemian via Instagram. This store has TONS of goodies that appeal to my bohemian soul. The dress I am wearing in this shoot particularly called out to me, especially knowing I would be visiting Arizona soon!

So, be sure to check out this store along with Mad Maven on Etsy. Enjoy the desert 🌵

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Love. Sj


How To Style A Mumu- Desert Dweller Lookbook 

Fourth of July + Life Update!!!

Fourth of July!!

Being in Georgia for the Fourth of July this year will be a new experience! Sounds like we are going to be out by the pool all day and bbq-ing of course!! Plus we must find the perfect place to camp out for fireworks!! We only have one fourth of July tradition that is set in stone so far. It is making our giant flag sugar cookie!! It’s the yummiest! I’m sure we will make some more wonderful traditions over the years though! What are your favorite traditions for the Fourth of July??

Here are some pictures of Lucy and I getting ready for our big day (the Fourth)!! Oh yes…. which brings me to my life update! We inherited a new dog!! Meet Lucy!

 All About Lucy

So here is the story, when I was about 17 years old, there was one day in particular that I was having a rough time. My sister saw me crying, so she brought Lucy over from her house to cheer me up! For some reason, the way she worded it when she came over made me believe she was giving Lucy to me! So very excitedly, I said “THANKKKK YOUUUUU”. Immediately my sister was probably like “uh oh….I just really screwed up and made her think I was giving her the dog. When in reality, I was just trying to bring her over to cheer you up”! My sister felt so bad, she actually called her husband and told him the situation to ask if she could give me the dog! (So sad, yet so selfless). He didn’t think it was a good idea because their kids were already attached to her. Later that evening, my sister called me crying and told me of the big misunderstanding. We ended up laughing about it, and still laugh about it to this day!

So jump forward about 7 years, my same sister who owned Lucy ended up getting another dog. A big, playful, rough house kinda dog! Apparently, she was harming Lucy by being too rough with her. SO my sister then gave Lucy to my brother. My brother loved the idea of having Lucy, but little did he know he would run into a problem with her too! His little kids loved Lucy soo much, particularly his 2-year- old daughter.  Whenever she would hug Lucy, she would accidentally choke her because she didn’t know any better! This gave my brother some anxiety because one, he didn’t want her to accidentally choke Lucy to death, and two, even the sweetest dog ever is still likely to lash out at someone that they are being choked by. Ya know, self-defense. So long story short, when Kent and I visited Arizona just recently, we got offered to take Lucy back home with us to Georgia and OF COURSE we accepted!! I mean, I’ve been waiting 7 years to own her you see, ever since I thought she was being given to me! Haha (It’s ok Elise, I forgive you;)

We immediately researched a great carry on bag to bring her home with us on the airplane! After looking at several different carriers, we ended up getting this bag from Next Level Pet to hold her in! She loves it!!! Lucy feels very safe and comfortable when we bring her places in it, not to mention it is a freaking adorable bag!

Here is the one we got.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01N1FETPS” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”sj2themoon-20″]

So here is our little princess!

*Wearing her favorite bandana collar from the Ellen DeGeneres line of pet products, sold at PetSmart!

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July! #America

*Comment below to tell me your Fouth traditions!

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Fourth of July + Life Update!!!

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality- Presentation

How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality -Presentation

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at the Women’s Empowerment Class at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center in Mesa Arizona! This is all very new to me still, so it has been very exciting getting to speak!! The lovely speaker who held the class was Elise from Gleefully Me! Working with her on this class was a dream come true! So look her up if you get the chance! She is incredibly inspiring.

I chose to speak on turning your dreams into reality using the Law of Attraction and vision boards.

Now that I have experienced this feeling of uplifting and encouraging others in this way, I want to continue to do it more! So where next?

*Picture with Elise from Gleefully Me^^

Highlights from the Presentation

“If you were not held back by fear, by age, by money, by time, by insecurities, what dreams would you want to accomplish?”

“…That is the day I decided to start referring to my dreams as ‘plans and goals’.”


“For too long, people have referred to dreams as something that they kinda wish would happen, but they don’t actually ever do something about, and I want to change that today.”


“Every single day there are opportunities presenting themselves, knocking on our door. If we are not in tune with what we want that day, we might completely miss them. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to let any opportunities pass me by because you never when you are going to get them again.”


“You are going to feel so fulfilled knowing that you are accomplishing the life you imagined.”

-Quotes by Me

For further information on how to use the Law of Attraction and make your own vision board, see this post of mine for extra guidance and Q&A.


Thank you Gleefully Me for giving me this opportunity! Many more to come.

Now get out there and turn your dreams into reality!!


Love you all.

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How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality- Presentation

A Little Taste of Goth- Black Floral Marchesa Dress

A Little Taste of Goth, Perhaps

Yes, I am usually found wearing bright colors, but who doesn’t love putting on a black dress and dark lipstick every once in a while? For this Marchesa dress, I’d gladly go to the dark side for a bit to style it up! You could say playing dress up is a favorite thing of mine, so I absolutely loved doing this Marchesa lookbook photoshoot! We went to this old abandoned looking mill in downtown Newnan, Georgia for the shoot. The Walking Dead filmed a bit in this mill too! How cool is that?! I loved the rustic, yet industrial appearance the outside of the building had. It ended up accompanying my dark dress and lips very well!

When all was said and done, apparently I attracted some chiggers while walking through the kudzu for this shoot!! I realized the next day how many bites I had… rawr! Needless to say, it was worth it because the shot of me standing in the kudzu happens to be my favorite pic from the entire shoot!

Thank you again, Marchesa Fashion.

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A Little Taste of Goth- Black Floral Marchesa Dress

DIY Outdoor Bohemian Fort

Forts, Nooks, Hiding Spots and Books

As you may already know from other blog posts of mine, I have a little obsession with forts, nooks, hiding spots, and get-a-ways of all kinds! Since I was a young kid, I would always be in search of the perfect secret spot or “Terabithia.” (Like the movie)

The whole idea of getting away from everyone and everything always seemed appealing to me. Just take me to my secret place, give me a book, a cup of tea and I’m happy.

My last hideout was amidst the flower garden! This time, it will be in the forest.

How To Make An Outdoor Bohemian Fort

Start by picking out the perfect place. It could technically be indoor too if you prefer. Otherwise, find a tree (or trees), a patio, a corner, or anything else you can think of, and decide how to best go about it.

I will be using a tree I have spotted that has the perfect tent making branch! See?

If you don’t have a tree with a strong and giant branch like this, you can tie a rope from one tree to another and hang the blanket over the rope if need be.

Like this.

But this time, I will go with my giant strong branch!

This is how I will do it. 🙂

  1. Pick your spot
  2. Clear or smooth out the ground if you need to from rocks, weeds, or fallen branches.
  3. Lay down a giant tarp. 
  4.  Find the largest blanket you have and drape it over the branch or rope. 
  5. If this blanket isn’t long enough to touch the floor, safety pin another blanket to each side at the bottom of the first one to create extra length.
  6. Find decent sized rocks to hold down the corners of the hanging blankets out like a tent. 
  7. Lay down a blanket or rugs inside the tent on the ground, covering the tarp. 
  8. The fun part! Load in all of your favorite things to enjoy your afternoon! Mine consists of books, candles, pillows, blankets, cushions, rugs, music, instruments and my husband! Depending on where your fort is set up, twinkle lights are always a nice addition if an outlet is nearby! Otherwise, the stars work great.
  9. Build a fire in front of your fort to warm yourself, don’t forget the s’mores!
  10. Enjoy it all by yourself or invite over some company to enjoy it with!

Enjoy your fort! <3

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DIY Outdoor Bohemian Fort