December 28th, 2017

Dear Diary, Time to get Real

Dear Diary is not something I would have ever expected myself to say! I’ve never really been good at this journal writing thing. As long as I can remember, I have always loved writing stories, so you would think I would be more eager to record my personal stories! BUT the honest truth? When I was a little girl, I remember overhearing my parents talking about how they “had to” read my sister’s diary (Gasp)! This did not sit well with me, even at such a young age! You could say this is the reason I never wrote in my journal much growing up… (sorry mom and dad!) The truth comes out! Don’t worry, I still love ya. But anyway, I guess I just really valued my privacy. So why am I now ok with making my diary public you may ask?!

Beats me.

So here ya go, Mom and Dad! …the diary of mine that you never got to read! This sounds pretty contradictory I realize, but I think I am ready for this change.

Up till now, my IG & Blog have remained pretty neutral and fun-lovin’, but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes! Obvi! So let’s get real, shall we? It’s time for me to open up! In this journal, I imagine I would like to share my inner thoughts, relationship experiences, life updates, and anything else one might pour into their diary! Oh! And things I learn from Kent!! …Did I already mention that? Because I’m pretty sure he deserves a category of his own!

Recently, I made friends with a lovely gal that reminded me how important it is to be brave, be you, and not be afraid to tell people what you believe, even if it is the “unpopular” opinion. This really impacted and inspired me to make an effort to speak my opinion and show my truest self! I guess you could say this is my New Years attempt at being more open with the world about who I am, even if they might not agree, like it, or care!

So, here I am World!

“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal, and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” -Audre Lorde

For starters-

My name is Sj! I am 24 years old. I’m married to my soul mate and #1 inspiration, Kent. I am a Blogger, Youtuber,  Instagrammer, and Stylist! I crave new adventures 85% of the time. The rest of the time I am perfectly satisfied staying home with my hubby and puppy, snuggling and watching Anime. Or GOT.

I have a hard time fitting a niche because I’ve got my hands in all the baskets (is that how the saying goes?). I’m very happy that way though. Not everyone can be comfortable living life in a box, as some find themselves doing. The last thing I want to do is try and fit a mold that doesn’t work for me!

So “Me” a: Lover of God, fashion, craft making, singing, dancing, adventures, home decor, progress, cooking, traveling, dream following, writing, self-expression, empowerment, people, relationship observation and motivation, performing, bohemian lifestyle, ever-changing hair colors, and being married! So why choose just one? Live each day doing the things you love. I believe you can be all that you set your heart on becoming. <3 WE can live in a world that we design.

Hmm.. what else?

I have a precious doggo named Lucy. She is a Yorke!

We live in a renovated Cotton Mill apartment downtown.

Lucy and I walk everywhere together now that I have decided to leave the car life behind and use my legs! Best thing ever.

Kent and I have strong goals and plans to retire in 6 years! ( Yes, that’s right! More deets on this later).

We are in the middle of renovating and decorating our new apartment!

Kent has just been hired as a flight attendant and we will be balancing our marriage with some occasional long distance and lots of travels together soon to come!

We have lots in store that we would like to share with you this year!

So follow along with my personal Diary and posts!

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Love, SJ