Forts, Nooks, Hiding Spots and Books

As you may already know from other blog posts of mine, I have a little obsession with forts, nooks, hiding spots, and get-a-ways of all kinds! Since I was a young kid, I would always be in search of the perfect secret spot or “Terabithia.” (Like the movie)

The whole idea of getting away from everyone and everything always seemed appealing to me. Just take me to my secret place, give me a book, a cup of tea and I’m happy.

My last hideout was amidst the flower garden! This time, it will be in the forest.

How To Make An Outdoor Bohemian Fort

Start by picking out the perfect place. It could technically be indoor too if you prefer. Otherwise, find a tree (or trees), a patio, a corner, or anything else you can think of, and decide how to best go about it.

I will be using a tree I have spotted that has the perfect tent making branch! See?

If you don’t have a tree with a strong and giant branch like this, you can tie a rope from one tree to another and hang the blanket over the rope if need be.

Like this.

But this time, I will go with my giant strong branch!

This is how I will do it. 🙂

  1. Pick your spot
  2. Clear or smooth out the ground if you need to from rocks, weeds, or fallen branches.
  3. Lay down a giant tarp. 
  4.  Find the largest blanket you have and drape it over the branch or rope. 
  5. If this blanket isn’t long enough to touch the floor, safety pin another blanket to each side at the bottom of the first one to create extra length.
  6. Find decent sized rocks to hold down the corners of the hanging blankets out like a tent. 
  7. Lay down a blanket or rugs inside the tent on the ground, covering the tarp. 
  8. The fun part! Load in all of your favorite things to enjoy your afternoon! Mine consists of books, candles, pillows, blankets, cushions, rugs, music, instruments and my husband! Depending on where your fort is set up, twinkle lights are always a nice addition if an outlet is nearby! Otherwise, the stars work great.
  9. Build a fire in front of your fort to warm yourself, don’t forget the s’mores!
  10. Enjoy it all by yourself or invite over some company to enjoy it with!

Enjoy your fort! <3

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