Fish Market in India 

We showed up at Marari Beach in India, not knowing what to expect. It was a middle ground between our last location and our desired destination. Little did we know that it was completely undeveloped at this beach! To be honest, a lot of the places Kent and I have enjoyed the most involve great food. Sounds ridiculous, but for us, the food can really make or break a place! Can I get an amen?! Let’s just say…. we are definitely foodies! Needless to say, when we discovered there was.. well…nothing much around, obviously we were like “Dude, what are we going to eat?”

Suddenly we were at this location with nothing in sight, except the beach. Basically in the middle of nowhere! We asked around for a place to eat, and apparently there was only one restaurant in town! (Better than none!!) It was called “Grandma’s”, or in other words, “Some guys house that cooked for randos coming through.” Not sure where he got the name “Grandma’s” from, but ok! This may come as a surprise to you, but there was no Grandma anywhere to be found! 

We were the only ones who were there at Grandma’s that night, so he cooked for us! And let me tell you…. it was one supa spicy Indian food dish that our taste buds could hardly handle!!! Couldn’t even eat it really! It is bad etiquette to deny food that Grandma gives you, ya know… so obviously that put us in a bad situation!

Meanwhile, we were staying the night in a home stay near by. The owner discovered we weren’t exactly stoked about “Grandma’s Restaurant”, so he thoughtfully invited us to dinner at his house instead! Yes pleasee. Anything besides Mr. Spicy Grandma’s house. We accepted his offer! He told us to meet up with him at 7am to go to the fish market at the beach the following morning. There, we would pick out and purchase our seafood for that evening’s meal. Alright cool!! A new experience for me and I was excited to learn how to do this whole fish market thing!

The fish market was quite the sight to see. I had never been to a fish market right on the beach before! Indian men filled the shore! Everyone had a role, whether it was bringing in the boats, carrying buckets of fish on their heads, selling the fish, purchasing the fish, and everything in between. At first, I just felt like I was getting in the way of their routine of organized chaos, that is until a few nice and rather smiley men started taking a million pictures with us. It felt nice to make friends and feel wanted in that particular circumstance. After picture taking, we found our home stay owner and he began to teach me a few things. This is how it went down.

  1. Decide which kind of seafood we were wanting.
  2. Search for the biggest and most undamaged fish.
  3. Ask how much. (The more you buy, the more you can haggle the price down per item)

Luckily, our new friend helped show us the ropes! It all happened so fast but suddenly we were headed back with our fresh seafood! Yasss.

He refrigerated it until we were ready for dinner that night.

Next came cleaning and prepping the fish. I had NEVER seen this before. 

We decided to cook the Calamari “Our way”, and the fish would be prepared “Indian style” by our homestay owner. Kent showed me how to chop up a Squid because I had never done such a thing before! We cooked it up with butter, lemon, and garlic. Yummm. Our friend used Indian Spices to cook the fish, but he made sure to make it NON spicy. Halle-freakin-lujah!! (Trust me, I love spicy food, but Indian spices are just unreal). It ended up being the best fish I have ever eaten! And of course, we were very thankful that we didn’t starve out there! 😉

The whole experience was such a great one for me. I love learning new things. It is significantly cheaper to buy and prepare a fish meal from a fish market than eating out at a fancy seafood restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, it is way more work to do yourself, but SO satisfying. I hope you get to try it one day! Remember, never miss out on a new opportunity or experience, that is the Bohemian way!

Here is the vlog from that day at the fish market 🙂

Pics from the fish market and homestay. 



Stay Wild, Moon Child