Flower Child Meets Garden Fairy

Going into each photo shoot, my husband (and photographer) and I carefully envision the general theme and vibe of the session together so that we can accomplish what we are going for! We try to keep each photo shoot unique, yet the same style, that is “my style”. Along with that, I make sure to be as genuine as possible throughout my pictures and posts. I find it very important to be comfortable in your own skin, whatever or whomever that may be.

For this shoot, I chose the theme of “Flower child meets Garden fairy.” I enjoyed planning this one out because I felt I could be elegant, yet youthful with it. A way to wear a dress and play in the flowers at the same time. 🙂 Two things I adore! The metallic tattoos are some of my favorite additions because they throw a little surprise twist into the picture!

I particularly got excited when we found “the spot” to take the pictures we imagined! I loved how I was able to find a secret nook/hiding place within the flowers! When I was young, I used to always find secret places, such as these, to play in or pretend like I lived there. So needless to say, I still get a little excited when I find such a place! Hope you enjoy the shoot.

If today you wake up and feel you want to be a garden fairy, then be it with all of your heart and soul.

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