Fourth of July!!

Being in Georgia for the Fourth of July this year will be a new experience! Sounds like we are going to be out by the pool all day and bbq-ing of course!! Plus we must find the perfect place to camp out for fireworks!! We only have one fourth of July tradition that is set in stone so far. It is making our giant flag sugar cookie!! It’s the yummiest! I’m sure we will make some more wonderful traditions over the years though! What are your favorite traditions for the Fourth of July??

Here are some pictures of Lucy and I getting ready for our big day (the Fourth)!! Oh yes…. which brings me to my life update! We inherited a new dog!! Meet Lucy!

 All About Lucy

So here is the story, when I was about 17 years old, there was one day in particular that I was having a rough time. My sister saw me crying, so she brought Lucy over from her house to cheer me up! For some reason, the way she worded it when she came over made me believe she was giving Lucy to me! So very excitedly, I said “THANKKKK YOUUUUU”. Immediately my sister was probably like “uh oh….I just really screwed up and made her think I was giving her the dog. When in reality, I was just trying to bring her over to cheer you up”! My sister felt so bad, she actually called her husband and told him the situation to ask if she could give me the dog! (So sad, yet so selfless). He didn’t think it was a good idea because their kids were already attached to her. Later that evening, my sister called me crying and told me of the big misunderstanding. We ended up laughing about it, and still laugh about it to this day!

So jump forward about 7 years, my same sister who owned Lucy ended up getting another dog. A big, playful, rough house kinda dog! Apparently, she was harming Lucy by being too rough with her. SO my sister then gave Lucy to my brother. My brother loved the idea of having Lucy, but little did he know he would run into a problem with her too! His little kids loved Lucy soo much, particularly his 2-year- old daughter.  Whenever she would hug Lucy, she would accidentally choke her because she didn’t know any better! This gave my brother some anxiety because one, he didn’t want her to accidentally choke Lucy to death, and two, even the sweetest dog ever is still likely to lash out at someone that they are being choked by. Ya know, self-defense. So long story short, when Kent and I visited Arizona just recently, we got offered to take Lucy back home with us to Georgia and OF COURSE we accepted!! I mean, I’ve been waiting 7 years to own her you see, ever since I thought she was being given to me! Haha (It’s ok Elise, I forgive you;)

We immediately researched a great carry on bag to bring her home with us on the airplane! After looking at several different carriers, we ended up getting this bag from Next Level Pet to hold her in! She loves it!!! Lucy feels very safe and comfortable when we bring her places in it, not to mention it is a freaking adorable bag!

Here is the one we got.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” identifier=”B01N1FETPS” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”sj2themoon-20″]

So here is our little princess!

*Wearing her favorite bandana collar from the Ellen DeGeneres line of pet products, sold at PetSmart!

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July! #America

*Comment below to tell me your Fouth traditions!

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