How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality -Presentation

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at the Women’s Empowerment Class at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center in Mesa Arizona! This is all very new to me still, so it has been very exciting getting to speak!! The lovely speaker who held the class was Elise from Gleefully Me! Working with her on this class was a dream come true! So look her up if you get the chance! She is incredibly inspiring.

I chose to speak on turning your dreams into reality using the Law of Attraction and vision boards.

Now that I have experienced this feeling of uplifting and encouraging others in this way, I want to continue to do it more! So where next?

*Picture with Elise from Gleefully Me^^

Highlights from the Presentation

“If you were not held back by fear, by age, by money, by time, by insecurities, what dreams would you want to accomplish?”

“…That is the day I decided to start referring to my dreams as ‘plans and goals’.”


“For too long, people have referred to dreams as something that they kinda wish would happen, but they don’t actually ever do something about, and I want to change that today.”


“Every single day there are opportunities presenting themselves, knocking on our door. If we are not in tune with what we want that day, we might completely miss them. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to let any opportunities pass me by because you never when you are going to get them again.”


“You are going to feel so fulfilled knowing that you are accomplishing the life you imagined.”

-Quotes by Me

For further information on how to use the Law of Attraction and make your own vision board, see this post of mine for extra guidance and Q&A.


Thank you Gleefully Me for giving me this opportunity! Many more to come.

Now get out there and turn your dreams into reality!!


Love you all.

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