What I’m Workin’ With

Yes, this is our unfinished home! Well, this is a picture of our unfinished kitchen, to be specific. If you are new to my blog, my husband and I recently moved to Georgia. We are collecting the plans and ideas for the renovations to be made, and I cannot wait to see how it comes along! I have so many ideas accumulating in my head for our new home! Most come from Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, and Instagram! Now I just have to figure out how to mesh all these wonderful ideas together into one perfect bundle of yumminess!

I usually have quite the imagination and can think of it all in my head! Actually, it’s pretty funny. My husband caught me in our apartment before we moved in, and do you know what I was doing? Well if you ask him, it probably just looked like I was staring off into space, but if you ask me, I was envisioning/visualizing (let’s call it envisualizing) my new home! There I was just perfectly content for about 45 minutes, staring at our new space (or off into space), figuring out the masterpiece it could be! The ideas are all up in my head, so I figured I would start to note them down on a fantastic idea board!

Feel free to let me know what you think of my ideas! I’m excited to see all the pictures laid out together and see the progress. And of course, I will keep you all posted as I make updates, eventually finishing the entire project! Let it begin!

Project #1- The Kitchen

My general concept for the kitchen is a combination of retro and bohemian. Let’s see how it goes! First I will focus on my dining/eating area. This will include a low to the ground dining table, pillows cushions/poufs for sitting on, and of course some lovely table settings.

I imagine this area will look somewhat along these lines (these are just examples from online). However, I’m sure my pillow and pouf choice will be slightly more colorful and eclectic. But loving these table settings!



I found this adorable listing for a bohemian dining table, isn’t it delightful? It happens to be the exact one that I want! The size is perfect and I love that there is space underneath to put our legs while we are eating at the table. 

I will be using pillows and cushions, such as these, on both ends of the table. Must have texture! 

I love this pop of muted mustard put in there! The corduroy texture is also a must! One of these cushions will be on each inner side of the table for lower to the ground seating.

Here are some of my discoveries for cute table settings!  

Ok, these are just beautiful! These agate slices are great for coasters or even plates!! They add such a gorgeous finesse to the table! As you can see, I am beginning to throw my touch of rust orange in there! 

Must have Mason Jars on the table, of course!

This can be on the table just for looks if you want, but I love tying more of that rust orange in there! 

Alright, onto the next! As you see in our unfinished kitchen now, there are some major renovations to be done in this home of ours. Take a look at our back wall, see the blocks of concrete? WELL, we have this idea to paint it like it’s a brick wall! Rustic red tones with white in the cracks! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. This will work out for us pretty well because of the concrete already being in block-like shapes, exactly like a brick wall! It will look something like this!

However, you might appreciate this shortcut for your own home! BRICK WALLPAPER!! I honestly think everyone needs a brick accent wall in their kitchen, so this is a great and easy option to get that look.

Here is my favorite brick wallpaper! It’s so easy! Peel and stick! Not to mention, it is waterproof and easy to clean:)

Next, White Kitchenette. I love white, and I just think it would look so flattering in front of our brick wall! Wouldn’t you agree with this example?

Ok, this next part has to be my most favorite discovery!! This will give my kitchen a retro feel! Are you ready for this? It’s called SMEG, and it is my future of refrigerators.

Adorable examples. Keep in mind, they are available in a few different colors.

This is the one I will be getting, and I am slightly obsessed!

I will be tying in these three colors again throughout the appliances in the kitchen!

Ugh, this is just so cute. 


That sums up most of the ideas up my sleeve for the kitchen! Maybe throw in a cool rug to tie the colors all together, some industrial lighting, cute herb plants, wooden shelves and bottabing bottaboom! We have a winner!

This is the chaotic masterpiece in my head I call “Kitchen”. In the comments, let me know what you think, plus some other ideas if you have any! Let the renovations begin!


Stay Wild, Moon Child