Taste of India- A Visual Food Guide

I’ve always liked Indian food restaurants that I have eaten at in America…but when something is Americanized, who knows if it’s anything even remotely close to the ACTUAL food in the real place? I realized this before traveling to India, so I was ready to bring on the authentic Indian food!!! Well, maybe I was a little nervous at first…like “Hmm…I wonder if I will get tired of eating curry and masala dishes every day for three months?” You know, sometimes I did get a little tired of it, mainly because I am a big lover of Mac N’ cheese and pizza! Who’s with me?! Overall, Indian food has been exciting and tasty! A new experience for sure. Our loyal friend/driver has taught us MUCH about what to eat and what not to eat while here. We also learned Hindi names of foods so that we know what the heck we just ordered! But don’t worry, not everything is in Hindi!

I would like to share some of my favorite dishes and tastes of India that I have experience!! This will be a great visual reference for you if you are planning to take a trip to India yourself!

Below the pics, I will include a list of Hindi names for food and their English names so that you too can know what you are ordering!

Food Translation: Hindi to English

Hindi English
Aloo Potato
Dal Lentils
Paneer Cheese
Rajma Red Kidney Beans
Sag Spinach
Samosa Deep-fried pastry filled with vegetable or meat mixtures
Rice Chawal
Onion Piyaz
Sugar Chini
Lime Nimboo
Chicken Murghi
Mushrooms Khumbi
Butter Makhan
Water Paani (When looking for bottled water, ask for “Mineral water”)

Before I go, I wanted to share a basic rule of thumb! While traveling to other Countries (depending on which ones), remember…. Don’t eat anything unless it is baked, boiled, or broiled! Just make sure it is cooked so the germs are killed. Otherwise, it needs to be something that can be peeled! Also, don’t drink their “Filter water”, only drink mineral water from a SEALED water bottle! Preferably Bisleri, Kinley, or Aquafina. This will help you avoid getting any parasites, worms or stomach aches!

Now go out and try some Indian food!


Stay Wild, Moon Child