Don’t Call it a Dream, Call it a Plan

I used to consider myself a “Big dreamer”, but the more I thought about these words in my head, the more I began to realize they had a negative connotation. I wondered to myself “Why should I only dream about the things I want, that’s not going to make them happen!” That is when I began calling my dreams PLANS instead. The difference between a dream and a plan, at least to me, is that a dream stays in your head. With a dream, there is no action that takes place with it. Therefore it always remains a dream in your head, it never actually happens. However, a plan has a goal attached to it! Having a plan will help you achieve exactly what you want! This is the proper way to accomplish things in life! Let’s talk some more about turning dreams into plans.

The Law of Attraction

I assume at some point in your life you have heard of this, “The Law of Attraction.” I wonder what it means to you personally? To me it is simple, it’s the ability to attract into our lives the things we are focusing on most! With our minds, we have the power to take our thoughts and materialize them into reality. This can apply throughout many aspects of our lives. Everything from success in your relationships and career, health with your mind and body, positivity in your attitude, making more money and anything else you can think up! 😉 However, you can also attract negative things into your life by constantly thinking negatively about yourself and/or others, so let’s be sure to keep it positive, shall we?

The first time I fully grasped the concept of the Law of attraction was when I read the book “The Secret”, followed by watching the documentary on it. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I believe in this “Law” full heartedly. It seems to be a lesson everyone has been taught once upon a time but never practiced using to their advantage (myself included). That is until I read this book! Others have used this law to their benefit, so why couldn’t I? It works, I’m telling you! There are several ways you can apply this concept into your life, but if you are anything like me, I tend to get distracted with life and forget about my realization only a few days later. For me, I find success with the law of attraction when I am able to see it daily right before my eyes! That would be called a Vision Board, my dears.

If you haven’t seen the documentary OR read the book “The Secret”, you should take the time to do so!

Visualize Your Future with a Vision Board

So what is it, you might be wondering? The purpose of the vision board is to be a visual reminder, using pictures and words that represent the things your heart desires. Having these items on a board will give you something to look at daily and be reminded of what you need to do! You need to see it, believe in it, and then go out and achieve it! Having a vision board is literally training your mind to use the Law of Attraction daily. Exactly what I need! I also find that it puts these goals deep into your subconscious, so much, that your mind is desperately trying to find ways to make these things come to pass. You will see this happen over time throughout the day/week/month/year! This is a much better outcome than looking at your New Year’s resolution at the end of the year and saying “Oops, I never did that!” This is a sure way to accomplish your greatest goals and see them unfold right before your eyes!

Q: How do I begin?

A: I personally use a giant white poster, ripped out magazine pictures, or printed off pictures I find that apply.

Q: How many items should I have on my poster? (Vision board)

A: As many as your heart desires, however, it is easier to visualize when it is less cluttered.

Q: What EXACTLY should I be putting on it?

A: Specifically things that inspire and motivate you. There are no rules or limits to this one. It could be words of affirmation to yourself, things you want to own, relationships you want to work on, or money you want to make, etc.

Q: Where do I put the vision board when I’m done creating it?

A: Somewhere you will see it daily and be able to ponder/visualize the items on it. (Mine is on the ceiling above my bed.)

 I would like to give a few examples, in case you aren’t picking up what I’m throwin’ down!

Here is an example of one that I DO NOT really like, and I’ll tell you why.

Yes this looks pretty cool and serious props to this person for putting so much time into it, but I can tell you that this might not be very effective! I have found that the way you organize your board directly affects the way your brain and subconscious absorb it! So why would you spend time creating a vision board if it isn’t even going to help you at all? Beats me! So take note to this. Space out your items, simplify them and make sure they are specific!

Maybe you are wondering how specific?

Even though I do like this one visually with the clean and “Easy to read” organization, it isn’t very specific!! I’m telling you, if you want specific things to happen, you have got to make specific goals to achieve them!! For Ex. What about relationships are you wanting to happen? What about a vacation? Where? With whom? You want success? That’s pretty broad…what do you want success in? …I hope you see my point.

Here is a simple board that I found, I like it. It is simple, clean, easy to read, and specific enough to tell your mind an exact goal!

See what I mean? We have a winner! So maybe yours won’t be anything close to this, but at least remember to keep it organized and specific! That way you can’t go wrong!

Here are just a couple examples I have printed off to put on my own board. (I will include some words to accompany them later on.)

Feeling inspired already 🙂

Let’s Sum This Up

Digging this lately—> Pronoia: The opposite of paranoia; the belief that the Universe is conspiring in your favor.

  • Look at your vision board daily, be inspired by it
  • Read your goals out loud
  • Believe these things are already yours
  • Envision yourself living in this lifestyle, as if you already possess it
  • Acknowledge everytime you notice the Law of Attraction working in your life.
  • Be thankful for the progress/maintain a positive attitude about it in general
  • Enjoy your life as you achieve your goals.


Try making your own vision board everybody! I would love to hear about how yours was created, the ideas you came up with, and the success that comes from it! Meet me on our community Becoming Bohemian Reddit page soon to chat about ideas and/or updates with your vision boards! Positive Vibes all around.

Stay Wild, Moon Child