A Little Taste of Goth, Perhaps

Yes, I am usually found wearing bright colors, but who doesn’t love putting on a black dress and dark lipstick every once in a while? For this Marchesa dress, I’d gladly go to the dark side for a bit to style it up! You could say playing dress up is a favorite thing of mine, so I absolutely loved doing this Marchesa lookbook photoshoot! We went to this old abandoned looking mill in downtown Newnan, Georgia for the shoot. The Walking Dead filmed a bit in this mill too! How cool is that?! I loved the rustic, yet industrial appearance the outside of the building had. It ended up accompanying my dark dress and lips very well!

When all was said and done, apparently I attracted some chiggers while walking through the kudzu for this shoot!! I realized the next day how many bites I had… rawr! Needless to say, it was worth it because the shot of me standing in the kudzu happens to be my favorite pic from the entire shoot!

Thank you again, Marchesa Fashion.

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