My Sister Hired me To Be Her Personal Stylist

This very well might go down in history as one of my favorite requests ever asked of me! I cannot explain the depth of excitement and honor it brings me to have somebody trust and respect my sense of style enough to have me redo their entire wardrobe!

My sister Elise has recently received her “Mommy Makeover” to rejuvenate and restore her body after having 4 children, and man does she look fantastic! Her and her husband decided it was time to get a wardrobe that matched! Elise called to tell me their idea and before I knew it, I was on a plane to Arizona!

Wardrobe Makeover

To prep, I made a special Pinterest board where I collected ideas for what I wanted her new wardrobe to look like. Right before I flew out, I added her to the Pinterest Board to ask her opinion on everything and make sure we were on the same page. Luckily, she loved all of it!!

We started the experience by talking about expectations, styles and a budget! A budget was decided upon by her and her husband of $1000 to make this happen.

Next up, assess her current closet and see if any of it is salvageable! Luckily, some of it was! I believe she just needed me to show her how to “reinvent” some of the pieces into new and stylish outfits.

We spent a total of three days shopping at Nordstrom Rack, Pacson, Forever 21, H&M and…. GOODWILL!

After all the shopping was done, we made a huge spread of outfits put together on her bed so that we could take pictured/videos for this look book! During that time, I was also able to teach her my theories about putting a good outfit together, how to shop in the future according to what flatters her body type, how to mix and match pieces, how to utilize your “forgotten” accessories, how to tie your shirt in the “correct” knot according to what you’re wearing, how to pose in your outfit for pics/videos and much more! It was such a good time!

Before & After

The end results were outstanding! It brought me so much joy seeing the results of all our hard work! (And it was hard work… I mean we really did shop till we dropped).

Here are the “After” pictures from our time together!

*To see the full experience, watch my vlog/look book here:

Thanks for being here!

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Xoxo, Sj