My Personal Meditation Routine

I never really understood the purpose of meditating….that is until I hit a certain point in my life where my mind was crowded with worries, self doubt, and just flat out too many things all at once. It was affecting me negatively, big time! I began to do some research on helping/healing these struggles. It seemed that everything lead me to the practice of meditation. So I began learning about different ways to meditate, I even went to a class or two. It felt good, but I wondered if there was a more personal routine I could create for myself to fully take advantage of my meditation time and access full benefits. I became more aware of what my mind was doing..the common, recurring factors in my everyday stress. I was studying my own mind. Through that, I came up with my personal meditation routine. It could potentially work for others too, so I would like to share!

Start be choosing your place to sit and meditate. If you are traveling, it might be somewhere picturesque. If you are at home, it might be a dedicated corner or nook of your room. Both work just the same if you are in the correct mindset.

How do I start?

  • Close your eyes and get relaxed. Begin allowing thoughts to flow into your mind, welcoming anything that comes in. Start to notice what kinds of things appear.. they might be worries, anxieties, or possibly thinking about all the things you need to get done that day.  Common Ex. “I am stressed about my job”. 
  • Now acknowledge and pinpoint the individual worries or stresses you have and ask yourself.. “Why?”                 Ex.” Why am I worried about my job? Well…probably because I am not making enough money to cover the bills.”
  • Now you can answer to that worry. Talk yourself through it. Find a solution or remind yourself why it’s all going to be ok. Ex.”Yes I am stressed about my job, so today I will ask my boss for a raise or look for another part-time job”. (I realize there are not immediate solutions to everything, but you will be surprised at your ability to problem solve while being open minded to what the resolution could be, and willingness to do it.)
  • Continue this pattern until you have addressed/resolved the worries that fill your mind. (You could probably spend all day doing this if you choose to, however, I usually address about three of my strongest worries/concerns on my mind per meditation.)
  • Now Pause. Give yourself a chance to soak in the fact that you have just put your worries to rest. Allow your mind to heal from it and be at peace with it. (Now let your mind go blank)
  • Next, I “Self talk” or uplift and encourage.  Ex. “I am motivated. I am hard-working. I am beautiful. I LOVE myself.”

*It is extremely important to tell yourself positive things, even if it’s hard to do at first. You might not believe the words right away, but after a while, this magical thing starts to happen! Your subconscious starts to accept it as FACT. You begin to believe it.. and it really shows in your countenance! Tell yourself these things, and truly begin to believe them. You will be amazed at the confidence you will gain. (Pause again. Let your mind go blank.)

  • Now I take time to pray and give thanks. Whether you pray to God, or give thanks to the Universe… think of all of your blessings and things you are grateful for. Even when times are extremely rough and you feel like nothing’s going your way, a grateful and positive heart can change your day drastically! So, put out your gratitude into the universe! You will feel a difference. (Pause. Go completely blank.)

At this point, you have gone through a lot in your mind. Take the time you need to stay blank, and at peace.


Now, I realize with the full detail description and examples, it may seem like a huge daunting task just to meditate!!….. That would be counter-productive. So let me do a quick rehash in simple terms, now that you know how it works.

  1. Pinpoint your worries, correct them by thinking of a resolution. (Pause and be at peace.)
  2. Tell yourself positive & loving words and BELIEVE them. (Let your mind go blank.)
  3. Pray and give thanks. (Let your mind go blank and stay at peace.) 

This is personally how I turn my negative thoughts into positive thinking in the most healthy way I can. Give this form of meditation a try, it may do wonders for you as it has for me!! OR share some of your customized meditation routines with me! Either by email, or in the comments below for others to benefit from as well. I would love that!



Stay Wild, Moon Child