Springtime Favorites

Isn’t Springtime just glorious? Especially now, considering I am living somewhere that this season actually exists! (Sorry people in Arizona who get jipped)

Georgia is all sorts of gorgeous in the spring time! Flowers of all kind, bright green grass and trees on every street. I will post more pictures of it here once everything is out and blooming!

Now let’s talk all of the Spring Favorites!!

Starting now.

Floral dresses all day!

Giant sun hats are a must!

They seem to complete every single outfit in the springtime.

Long flowy skirts are all I ever want to wear in the spring!

The dreamiest flower gardens bloom and it is magical.

Spring Showers are a perk!

(So we can play in it, of course)

Picnics with my fav.

Perfect time of year for this! Especially when you have beautiful flowers blooming for you to admire. Ours are still working on the blooming part.

(Oh, and can you spot the kitty?)

Colorful lipstick is my jam!

I love the Matte lipsticks from Nyx.

Nothing shouts Spring like all white attire.

Flower Crowns.

They are fun to make AND fun to wear!

And last but not least, MY BIRTHDAY! Which means we must make my favorite spring cake. 🙂 Here it is.

(Taking volunteers for a birthday cake maker!;)


Jello Cake Recipe


Lemon Supreme Cake

Large strawberry or raspberry jello,

Instant vanilla pudding,

Cool Whip.


Bake cake, cool slightly

Make jello (only use 2 cups of water and one cup of ice)

Poke holes in the cake

Pour hot jello over cake.

Cover and refrigerate until jello is set.

Make pudding and whip together with cool whip.

Spread pudding mixture on top of cake just before serving.


Have a bright and cheery Spring everyone!

Is anyone going on any adventures over spring break? Tell me all about it!

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