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In our home, our front room is my office and creative area. The “She shed”, so to speak. The place where I can paint it, spill it, decorate it, redecorate it however the heck I want! As for the rest of our house (which is studio style), Kent and I decided together that it would be very clean, simple, efficient and minimalistic in the way we built and styled it. I knew this specific wall art from Mapiful would be the perfect fit for that room! All I had to do was pick a place to show on the map! Hmm.. it way harder to choose than I realized it would be…

Do I pick from the obvious ones? ..The place we met? The place we got married? Our favorite travel destination? If I’m being honest, right off the bat I had the subconscious thought that India would be the LAST place we hung on our wall. Yikes! Why you might ask? Would YOU want a place that represented a trip full of hard lessons right there on your wall? Of course you wouldn’t!

Where It All Began

I carefully went through every single place we’ve been together, but none of them felt like the right fit for some reason! As I sat and pondered which place I wanted on our wall map, you wouldn’t believe it but I started to think about India again! However, something shifted in my mind this time and I realized that India WAS the place to be on our wall after all. And this is why:

India: the place that brought a tremendous amount of excitement and butterflies during our planning. The place we were so determined to make happen that we practiced extreme frugality, prioritized it above all else and with no shame, asked for all of our wedding gifts to be cash to make India happen! No physical presents please! 😉 (Sorry if that offended anyone btw). It was the first and only time so far in our life that we would have the opportunity to vagabond for 3 months together.

“Sounds amazing, so why the hesitation of putting it on your wall?” Right?!

Here is the honesty of what happened in India.

The rest of the story…

During our time there, we experienced much stress, frustration, hard lessons, trials, and struggle of ALL kinds. We got very ill multiple times, got mal-nourished, got trapped in a bad business partnership, witnessed a cash recall by the government that made all our money worthless. You name it, all kinds of troublesome things!

The “cons” are the types of things we as humans tend to remember about our hard experiences in life, wouldn’t you say? If left un-evaluated, they are the things we dwell on and choose to see negatively for the rest of our lives. But almost always, if you look close enough, you can see the silver lining in hindsight. THE WHOLE PICTURE. 

So now, I have the opportunity to reflect once more and really evaluate what the “pro’s” were while in India together. 

India: the time we got to experience what it was like to be in a foreign place and solely rely on each other. The time in our life that we got to put ALL of our attentions on each other and progressing in our marriage. The place that gave us the experience to learn the importance of communication and team work. The place that gave us self-discovery and helped us realize what we want out of life together. The place that through the hardships, brought us closer than ever! A place where we found new friendships, new purpose, and a never-ending desire to see the world together for the rest of our lives. 

A New Perspective

As I read this to Kent and presented him with the map, I may have cried like a baby…. but overall, reflecting on our experiences in India with this new perspective reminded me that even in the darkest of times, there can still be light. This map shows the silver lining of those experiences we shared together. As it hangs on our wall, it will always remind us how far we’ve come since then and how we truly got to experience the opportunity of a lifetime!

And THAT is what this map represents to me. <3

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Do you have any experiences in life that you could re-evaluate and try to see the silver lining?

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