There’s a Woman in the Men’s line!

What happens when a woman goes into the men’s line in India? Well first of all, for anyone who doesn’t know, the lines in India are often separated between women and men! I am definitely not used to that and have to remind myself that it’s a thing here! But of course there are moments where that sort of… ya know, slips my mind. But before I go there, I will give a little background detail! Each day on this India trip has been completely unplanned and go with the flow. Every day brings new adventures and new places to see. While living this way, an opportunity presented itself to us!

Our friend invited us to stay in his houseboat on this lake in Kashmir, (North India) so we hopped on a quick one hour long airplane ride and headed there from where we were, New Delhi. So back to the story! We were going through airport security on our way to Kashmir, and you might think that I would be used to the separated lines by this point on the trip! Ama right?! Well the answer is no. Also, I must say, this airport has the most obnoxious airport security checks ever to have been created! I think I counted like 6 different security checks! I mean give me a break! On the sixth security bag check, I hopped in line with Kent (obviously forgetting the gender separation). I tend to stick close to him for safety AND because I love him so darn much:) So Kent gets his bag checked by two men. VERY. THOROUGHLY. I’m just impatiently thinking to myself, “You guys, our bags have been checked 5 times already! What do you possibly think y’all are going to find on the 6th try?!” But wow, their bag check game was strong! Of course they thought our vitamin C powder was drugs. But oh well. So next was my turn. These dudes take Every. Single. Item. out of my bag!!!! Every item! Each makeup item, pair of underwear, hair product and tampon!! Taken out! Not only did they unload my bag all over the counter, but they opened up every single thing in my bag to see what it was! (Takes cap off pen to “check”, opens up shampoo to look inside, opens and smells bottle of doterra oil) Like wow. It was a good thing we got there early because this was obviously going to take all day. Ok, but here comes the best part. Every single time they pulled out a new item from my bag, they would bust up LAUGHING, hysterically!! Imagine two very serious looking men in uniforms, blushing and cracking up while looking through your stuff! (Holds up mascara..*laughs. Opens up tampons..*laughs. Holds up undies.. *laughs. Etc) What a sight! And you know what? I could not contain my laughter either!! I honestly had no idea what was so funny, but that alone was enough to make me laugh with them! (Obviously it doesn’t take much to get me laughing) But all I kept thinking was ”Don’t these guys search bags all day, everyday? Why the heck is my stuff rubbing their funny bone? I know I’m not the first one to have makeup and feminine products in my bag!” But just as I thought that to myself, the man says to me, “Hahaha girly items! Is this YOUR bag?” …….Uh. Yes. Yes sir, it is. (Like he JUST now figured this out?) Then simultaneously both men attempt to hold in their laugher and point across the room to..*dun dun DUN! THE WOMAN’S LINE. Yes, that is right. I was in the men’s line and apparently that is the most hilarious thing in the whole wide world to them! I realized in that moment that this was most likely the first “Woman’s bag” they ever did look inside. They finished up the check and attempted to shove all my “girly items” back inside the bag.

Congrats to me, I made it through the 6th bag check whilst being a woman in the men’s line! A priceless memory that I will laugh about for many years to come. I’m glad my personal items could bring someone so much joy and laughter! All I can say is thank goodness I went into this trip with a go with the flow attitude because life’s too short to be uptight! Gotta enjoy the moments with a sense of humor 🙂 Especially when it involves cultural differences and language barriers! Those are the best kind. Bring on the awkward situations, world! I can take it 😉

Here are a few pics from our trip to Kashmir in North India, on our friends house boat.



Stay Wild, Moon Child