Year One of Marriage

Yes! This week is my one year wedding anniversary with my beloved Kent. During the time of my wedding, I didn’t really prioritize posting wedding pictures (for obvious reasons, I mean I was very busy enjoying newlywed life!;) I would like to take the time now to reminisce on my favorite day yet, my wedding day! I will be showing some of our favorite pics taken by my wonderful Mother in Law/amazing photographer, and sharing memories from that day!

The Proposal

Whoops! I must first backtrack and tell you about Kent’s proposal to me because that is an important part! The majority of our dating was done long distance. I would visit him in Idaho, he would visit me in Arizona, Etc. Oh, and a ton of face timing each other!!! We got to the point where we could not be separated anymore, so we planned Kent’s big move to Arizona. That Christmas, before he moved to Arizona, we decided to meet up with his family in Georgia to spend Christmas together with them. Leaving Georgia after Christmas, taking this flight to Arizona together would be the mark of him officially moving there to be closer to me. He shipped all of his belongings to Arizona already (one box haha), and it would be there when we got home. Ok so here we are on this airplane, flying “home” together. So much excitement was in the air, just knowing we wouldn’t have to be apart anymore from that point on. It was also a special flight for us because we acknowledged it would be our first flight of many that we would take together (seeing how we both love traveling).

Kent had surprised me and upgraded our tickets to first class! Heyyyy! Next, I was surprised as the flight attendant asked both Kent and I to go to the front of the Aircraft during our flight. I was very confused. Then right there, in front of the entire plane, my Kent got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I said yes, of course, and everyone began to clap! Just in case anyone didn’t understand what was going on, the pilot then got on the intercom and announced it to the whole airplane!!! “Congratulations to Mr. Craig and the future Mrs. Craig for their engagement!” Kent then explained to me that his reason for proposing to me on an airplane was this, he said, “It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together. Home is wherever you are”. I melted, of course<3

The Ring

Kent wanted my wedding ring to be a complete surprise, but he also wanted to make sure it was something I would love and cherish forever, something that was symbolic and full of meaning. For the longest time, when we would facetime while dating long distance, I began to notice he was always eating cereal with no milk for breakfast, and plain rice for dinner!! Every single time I would ask, “Why are you eating it that way?!” He would just smile and say “I’m saving money”. 🙂 Later on, I found out he was being frugal to save money for my ring!! He is the sweetest. I promised him he would never have to do that again!! Haha So, back to the ring. I sent him several picture examples of my unconventional taste in wedding rings, which apparently made it harder because there was not one thing consistent about any of the pictures I sent him! Despite that, he went on to design from scratch, the most perfect ring for me.

The black diamond implies that no matter how hard or dark of times we may have in our lives, we will always find the light, just like a black diamond can still reflect light. There are three symbols engraved on the sides of the band. First, starting at the bottom, there is a waxing moon. We consider this “our moon”. A waxing moon symbolizes growth, progression, and new beginnings. Also representing our phrase that we always say to one another, “I love you to the moon and back”, hence the name “sj2themoon”. 🙂 Along with the waxing moon, there are tiny little stars next to it. These stars are our zodiac stars, overlapped and intertwined.

Next up, getting closer to the diamond, the second symbol is a triangle. The triangle is a representation of me at one bottom corner, Kent at the other bottom corner, and the third and top point represents God. Reminding us that a putting God in all things helps you have a strong foundation and marriage.

The third and highest up is a symbol of Heaven, reminding us to keep an eternal perspective of our ultimate goal- to live life to the fullest and be the best we can so that we will always be together forever.

Kent designed the most perfect ring for me in every way.

The Wedding Gown

I had this concept in my head of a bohemian goddess wedding dress that I wanted! But ugh, I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere!!! I was constantly searching in every store nearby, and online! Nothin! I wanted it to be unique, sleek yet vintage. I finally came across a blogger with the exact dress I wanted, but there was nothing written about where she got it!! My sweet husband began the search for me, he is great at this sort of thing. He was searching all over the internet and asking around online for anyone who has seen this dress. Finally, he reached out to the blogger and got the name of the woman who made the dress for her! Then, we creeper stalked her and got the dress makers email! Kent emailed her a picture of the dress and basically said, I am begging you to make a wedding dress for my wife like the one you made for this blogger. The woman said she could not, the material was no longer in stock. My husband pleaded some more. He then asked if he found the right material and sent it to her, would she then make it for me?!? She said no. Hahahaha such a struggle. I was so sad about that…it was getting to be crunch time and NO dress to be found! I then turned to what I thought was my very last option. Little did I know that this would end up being the best option ever!!! I reached out to my sister’s friend who used to help sew dresses for the princesses at Disneyland. Couldn’t hurt, right? I told her my dilemma and she agreed to make my dress for me! Halle-freakin-lujah!! She was a little nervous about it I think, so was I, but it was a start! After all, it is a lot of pressure to make someone’s wedding dress, I imagine! Especially when she knows it is an emergency!! I began searching now for the perfect material and dress pattern for her to follow. Again, couldn’t find the material anywhere!! Until finally, after checking dozens of shops, we tried a Jo-Ann’s Fabric store that we hadn’t yet tried. It was very far from home. And there it was, the perfect fabric!! Thank you fabric gods!! After that, I combined two different dress patterns into one to create exactly what I wanted. Luckily, she NAILED IT!!! Well… sewed it 😉 A miracle at this point with only one month left util wedding time! And know what’s even better? She only charged me $100! Best price ever known to wedding dress shoppers!!! It was made with cream colored stretchy crochet lace type fabric, slightly see-through with a second cream/tan layer put underneath. It had a trumpet skirt, form fitted torso, long sleeves, boat neck, and a low scoop back with cowling. I wore a bohemian head chain and body chain necklace that I made myself (also because I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere). The bouquet was made with all fake flowers that I put together in the way I imagined! Oh! I also wore a white, hooded wedding poncho to keep me warm when it got cold that evening. It all came together perfectly.

Wedding Planning

Not much to it. We actually considered eloping at one point! Later, we decided instead to just keep our wedding as simple as possible, to make sure we could enjoy every second of it without unneeded stress. What is really interesting though, is that every since forever, I have wanted to get married in the Logan Utah Temple. I saw a picture of it and I just knew from that moment on! It was the place. The only problem is, I knew it seemed very random (as I have no family there) so it might not be the most probable place to have it! Flash forward, Kent and I were in the early stages of being engaged, and I hadn’t yet told him of my dream to be married in Logan, Utah. As we began to plan things out, I asked him, “Is there anywhere in particular that you have always wanted to get married at?” You won’t believe his answer!! “Logan Utah Temple”, he said. I think I fell even more in love with him in that moment!;) I mean, you have to realize how ironic this is!! He is from Georgia, I am from Arizona and we both happened to want to get married in Logan, Utah. Can you say MEANT TO BE?!

So that is just what we did.

The Big Day

I stayed in a hotel with my friend Taylor the night before my wedding. I laid there and imagined what the next day would hold. The morning of my wedding, I put my hair extensions in, did my own makeup, and I was ready to go! I can honestly say that I never once had cold feet or felt nervous about marrying Kent. Which reminds me of the most hilarious thing! I asked Kent if he was worried about getting cold feet, and to that he said, “I don’t have feet.” Bahaha!! Made me laugh so hard! Get it? If you don’t have feet, you can’t get cold feet! He has this clever way of always making me feel comforted 🙂 This was absolutely the rightest (made up word) decision I had ever made in my life. The day was magical. One of the best feeling in the world knowing you truly found your soulmate and you get to spend eternity together.

Of course at least one thing had to go wrong during the big day though, right? You could say we were in a rush that morning, trying to get there in time! Without realizing it, Taylor locked my keys in the car! So here we are, just came out of our wedding in the temple and getting ready to drive to our reception in the park (where people are going to be showing up in 30 minutes!!!) Of course Taylor felt awful, but I knew we would figure something out! Everyone was trying to help us break into my car. Hahaha! We didn’t have time for a locksmith to come, so naturally, Kent broke the handle off my door and we got in from there! Great memories 🙂 We felt so much love and support that day, it was a special feeling to be there with my family/friends and my Eternal love.

(My pouty face as Kent brakes into the car)

We had a small gathering in the park after the actual wedding. It was very simple, yet very us! Everyone was to show up in casual clothes and preferably barefoot! We hung up tapestries, pictures, and dream catchers, laid out rugs and pillows around the fire, a table of s’mores ingredients to cook on the fire, had hot chocolate, and enjoyed ourselves some music and dancing. It was a perfect day.

*All pics from the reception in the park are raw and unedited.

From there, Kent and I immediately got taken to the airport to head out for our Honeymoon! We went on a two week cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and then stayed a while in Puerto Rico! It was a dream come true.

Thanks for reminiscing with me about this special time in my life, one year ago!

*Happy anniversary my love, and many more to come.

“It will be a long time, but it will be a good time”.

I love you to the moon and back.

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